Camperline Portugal is a company that both sells and rents out motorhomes, so you can explore this beautiful country in your own way. The team truly believes in RV travel as the best way to see a new place, and offers quality, comfortable motorhomes and campervans to help you do just that.


Why rent a motorhome with Camperline in Portugal?

Camperline is a company of dedicated caravanners, so they know what it takes to plan and execute a fantastic motorhome journey through Portugal. Here are some of the best perks and features you’ll enjoy when you rent a motorhome with Camperline.


  • A team of passionate motorhome travellers

  • Optional extras for hire such as GPS, camping tables and chairs, and baby seats

  • Short three-day minimum rentals in the low seasons

  • Unlimited mileage for rentals of five days or more (500 kilometres per day for less)

  • Third-party insurance included on all rentals

  • A wide variety of campervans and motorhomes for rent


The Camperline Portugal rental fleet

There are five different classes of motorhome available for rental in Portugal from Camperline.


  • Class 0: Class 0 is a small motorhome designed for two people. It is fully self-contained with a toilet and shower, as well as a kitchenette and ample storage.

  • Class I Van: The Class I Van sleeps up to four adults and comes with a small kitchenette, shower, and toilet, as well as a small dining table.

  • Class I DS: This motorhome offers plenty of space for up to four adults, and has a spacious shower and toilet, and a small kitchen area. The RV also has extra space and a dining area.

  • Class I SG: A roomy four-person motorhome with all of the basics, including a kitchen and bathroom, and additional storage.

  • Class II: A large family motorhome with beds for two couples and two singles if needed. The spacious interior also has a dining table and seats, kitchen and bathroom.

  • Class III PT: This luxurious and spacious motorhome sleeps five, and has plenty of handy storage, as well as a dining area, kitchen and bathroom.

  • VIP Class: For the ultimate luxury, opt for a VIP Class motorhome. It sleeps five and offers all the additional space you need for longer road trips, as well as a bathroom and shower.


Camperline pick-up locations in Portugal

There are three places in Portugal where you can pick up or drop off your Camperline motorhome.


  • Faro: Located in the far south of Portugal on the coast, Faro is a wonderful and historic city that’s worth a look around before hitting the road. Begin your motorhome itinerary here if you’re looking for a one-way road trip up the country to Porto, or explore the south and attractions such as the stunning Praia de Marinha beach and wild Cape St. Vincent.

  • Lisbon: Lisbon is Portugal’s capital city, and it’s most likely you’ll arrive here if you’re flying in. It is an ideal base for exploring the country, as it’s only a day’s drive to practically any destination in Portugal, such as the Capela dos Ossos (the bone chapel) or the sun-drenched beaches in the south by Lagos.

  • Porto: Porto is another coastal city, but this time in the north of Portugal. Its own attractions, such as the gorgeous Casa de Musica and Dom Luis I Bridge, are fantastic, but you can also start here for a one-way road trip down through the country to Faro, or simply to explore the north.


Get moving with Camperline Portugal!