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With a variety of stunning landscapes, amazing wildlife and so many things to do, a camper hire is the ideal way of seeing tropical Mozambique. Sitting on the south-east coast of Africa to the west of the Indian Ocean, ecotourism is becoming more popular here – it’s an untouched wilderness with a fascinating heritage. There are so many beaches, you can just park up your campervan rental, hit the sand, then move on to the next one. Tofo beach in Inhambane is often quoted as one of the ‘best beaches in the world’. But that’s not all, with picture-perfect islands, safari tours and holidays and many national parks. Get a motorhome and head for Mozambique.


Things to do in Mozambique 

  • Bazaruto Archipelago: One of the most famous spots in Mozambique, this consists of six islands – Bazaruto, Benguerra, Magaruque, Banque, Stanta Carolina and Shell. Here you can find coral reefs and a huge selection of fish, so diving is very popular. You can also see Dugong or sea cow – a rare animal related to the elephant. It’s a National Park and is unlike anywhere else in the world. 

  • Maputo: The capital of Mozambique is in the south with a vibrant nightlife and plenty of restaurants to enjoy. A port on the Indian Ocean, Maputo International Airport is located here. The main cultures are Bantu and Portuguese, but the city is pretty cosmopolitan overall. 

  • Gorongosa National Park: There are many National Parks in Mozambique, but Gorongosa is a particular highlight in central Mozambique. Encircled by forests and valleys, there are nearly 400 bird species, more than 100 mammals and 40+ amphibians. Think lions, hippos, antelopes… the wildlife list is endless.


Handy tips for a motorhome rental holiday in Mozambique

  • Be aware of how hot it will be! In June and July the average temperatures are in the mid-20s, while all the other months are pushing over 30 degrees. Pack plenty of water.

  • Avoid the rainy season (Nov-April) if you can. The roads can be a struggle to negotiate. 

  • Watch your speed. Adhere to limits at all times.

  • Get your tablets and sprays before you depart. Routine vaccinations are also essential when travelling to Africa. 


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