McRent is a popular motorhome and campervan rental company operating all over Europe, Japan, and New Zealand. They are one of the largest campervan rental companies in Europe, and with all that experience and know-how, they’re able to offer travellers awesome deals and exceptional service during a trip to beautiful Iceland.


Why rent a campervan from McRent Iceland?

The company aims to ensure you get the campervan you actually booked, to make booking and picking up a motorhome easy and hassle-free, and to be safe, with new models and the latest safety features. Here are a few more reasons to consider booking your campervan with McRent in Iceland.


  • Free additional drivers

  • Young rental age of 21 on non-premium motorhome rentals

  • Unlimited kilometres on all rentals

  • Limited cover insurance included in rental fee

  • Last-minute deals and specials available regularly


The McRent Iceland fleet

There are five groups of vehicles available with McRent. Take a look at the options to find the right one for you, and keep in mind that a campervan that’s slightly larger than what you need can give you helpful additional space for longer road trips.


  • Urban: The Urban group has a maximum of four beds and four seats, but is best for just one or two people. It has a compact design and no onboard toilet or shower, so is made for a simple road trip where you always stay in campgrounds with facilities.

  • Compact: The Compact plus has space for two adults and a child, as well as an onboard bathroom, a small dining table, and basic kitchenette. This is the perfect mix of a compact design for easy driving, and a fully equipped campervan for all the amenities you need for a comfortable road trip.

  • Family: The Family group offers a standard, plus, and luxury option. Standard is designed for four adults, plus offers space for four adults and two kids, while luxury is ideal for four adults but has beds for six, and has plenty of storage space. All options include a small bathroom and kitchenette.

  • Comfort Plus: A Comfort Plus offers a relaxed and enjoyable self-contained road trip. The Plus is both designed for four adults, with plenty of additional storage space for all of your luggage. Keep in mind that the Comfort Plus measures 7.5 metres in length, so you may need to book larger spaces at campgrounds.

Note that although McRent offers a premium class of rentals in most of its European locations, these large motorhomes are not available in Iceland.


Iceland pick up locations for McRent campervans

There is just one pick up and drop off location for RV rentals in Iceland, and that’s in Keflavik, which is right next to the Keflavik International Airport just down the road from Reykjavik.


The Ring Road - a large round-trip route that starts and ends in Reykjavik - is easily the most comprehensive motorhome road trip adventure in Iceland. This route takes you via some of the best attractions around the capital city, then around the island itself to explore the country’s best waterfalls, geysers, black sand beaches, and more.


Iceland also has quite tight controls over where you can and can’t camp with a motorhome, so be sure to read our guide to freedom camping in Iceland before you get started.