When you book a campervan or motorhome from McRent UK, not only are you hiring from the largest supplier in Europe, but you’re also assured a reliable, practical, and safe vehicle to take you on your travels in the United Kingdom. With a range of vehicles to choose from and a variety of depots for pick ups and drop offs, you’ll have a huge amount of flexibility for your holiday.


The perks of choosing McRent UK

When deciding which rental provider to choose for your motorhome holiday, be sure to take into account any perks and inclusions for each brand. Even if the daily rental fee is higher for one, it might offer more value than a cheaper option overall. Here are the best perks of hiring with McRent UK!


  • Unlimited mileage on all rentals.

  • Extensive insurance cover included in rental rate.

  • Bike racks included with all rentals.

  • Additional accessories available for rent.

  • All RVs are no older than two years.

  • Aside from the Urban Standard class, all motorhomes include on-board bathroom and kitchen facilities.

  • Spacious storage areas for luggage.

  • Free additional driver.

  • Aside from Nottingham and Huddersfield rentals, you can take your motorhome into other European countries


The McRent UK campervan and motorhome fleet

McRent UK offers four different classes of motorhomes to ensure you find a rental that suits your group, travel style, and length of holiday. Choose from Urban, Compact, Family, and Comfort classes.

  • Urban: The Urban class is designed to be more affordable and convenient for shorter trips. The Urban Plus available in the UK is suitable for two adults and one child, and is fully equipped with a bathroom and kitchen on board.

  • Compact: The Compact class has everything you need on board, but still offers an easy driving experience. The Compact Plus available for rent in the UK sleeps two adults and one child.

  • Family: The Family class offers larger motorhomes with more interior space. In the UK, you can rent the standard, plus, or luxury model, which sleep four adults, four adults and two kids, and up to six adults, respectively.

  • Comfort: The Comfort class constitutes larger motorhomes with all the bells and whistles, and are ideal for lengthy amounts of time on the road. Choose from the Comfort Plus or the Comfort Luxury, which sleep two and four adults, respectively.


McRent UK depots

McRent UK offers seven different depots throughout the United Kingdom where you can pick up or drop off your motorhome.


A bustling city near the border with Wales, Bristol is an excellent pick up point for journeys into the Cotswolds, or to nearby Bath.


Located in the heart of England near Leeds, Huddersfield is well situated for anyone wanting to begin motorhome road trips all over the UK. It’s a short drive to the spectacular Lakes District to the north, and equally close to the historic port city of Hull on the coast.


Nottingham is a central city in England, known for its numerous historical attractions and association with the Robin Hood stories. From here, you can easily visit Wales, or head down to Cambridge to visit the world-class university.


Many travellers will fly to the UK and land in London, making it the obvious starting point for countless road trips. You can drive from London to Edinburgh for an incredible one-way motorhome journey, or simply take a round trip from London to the Cotswolds.


Preston is in the northwest of England, so it’s a great spot to start if you’re looking to drive north into Scotland, or simply enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of the Lakes District and Northumberland region.


A town on the southeast coast of England, Rye offers a gateway to the coastal views and attractions of Canterbury, Brighton, and Southampton.


Scotland’s hilly capital Edinburgh is a beautiful city, and the best place to start a round trip through Scotland to explore the wild highlands.


Book your motorhome with McRent UK for an unforgettable road trip experience.