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Beautiful Switzerland is what postcards are made of. It is a unique place with an interesting history, but what most people come for is the scenery (if not the chocolate). Spectacular mountain peaks lie around every corner, all farmland is lush and green with well-kept herds and flocks, and the lakes are incredibly picturesque.
A motorhome hire in Switzerland is the ultimate holiday. The freedom of your own home on wheels makes it possible to take the road less travelled and really get to know the texture and people of a country. Setting your own itinerary and route for your campervan hire roadtrip is the best way to experience all that this incredible nation has to offer.




Pick up and drive from Zurich


Zurich, on the shores of the lake by the same name, is the largest city, and its major international airport makes it a popular starting point for RV rental in Switzerland. The famously beautiful ancient town of Lucerne is a short drive from there, home to one of the oldest covered bridges in Europe - a fantastic photo opportunity. Want to tick a few more countries off your travel bucket list? Germany and Liechtenstein are close by.
Head south to the picturesque and mountainous part of the country where Italian is spoken in your motorhome hire. In the beautiful small towns perched on lakeshores and mountainsides, you will find that easy-going Mediterranean atmosphere without even leaving Switzerland. Beyond lies Italy and its gorgeous coastlines.
Bern to the east is Switzerland’s capital city and boasts an incredible Old Town, complete with bear pit. Nearby is the extremely pretty Interlaken, named for its position between two lakes. It is overlooked by the towering Jungfrau where you can take a rail car to the ‘top of Europe’.
The Gruyeres region near Bern has several highlights which make a great addition to any campervan or motorhome hire trip in Switzerland. The medieval castle is historically significant and visually stunning, and the Cailler Maison chocolate factory absolutely mouth-watering. Try a piece of the local Gruyere cheese while you’re there and take some to nibble on in your RV rental!
The fabulous French-speaking cities of Geneva, Lausanne and Montreux can be found in the west where Switzerland protrudes into France. All are located on the shore of gorgeous Lake Geneva which reflects the surrounding vineyard-covered mountains to perfection on a still day.


Making comparisons easy

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On the road in Europe: Driving tips for Switzerland and beyond

Wealthy Switzerland has excellent infrastructure, so the roads are a pleasure to drive. Here are a few things to keep in mind for a smooth campervan hire holiday:

  • Like the rest of mainland Europe, Swiss people drive on the right-hand side of the road.

  • Headlights are compulsory when driving through tunnels, so it is recommended you keep them on at all times, even during the day.

  • Driving in the Alps can be a challenge, so be prepared for steep ups, downs and corners if you are heading into a mountainous area. Some roads may not be suitable for the bigger RV-style motorhomes.

  • The motorway system is tolled via vignettes (toll stickers) on the windscreen. Check with your rental company that the vehicle has one.

  • Switzerland, although not a member of the European Union, is a member of the Schengen Area - so there should be no passport checks when you cross a border. You may be asked to declare any customs-restricted goods in the vehicle.

  • Speed limits and the like can change between countries, so pay attention to road signs at all times both in Switzerland and the rest of Europe.


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