Even though they only launched as a company in 2012, Motorhomes Italy is one of the largest RV suppliers in the country. They offer a vast range of vehicles to choose from, and a vast network of rental depots all over Italy to ensure you can plan an itinerary that best suits your travel to-do list.


The benefits of booking an RV with Motorhomes Italy

As a major network, Motorhomes Italy offers a comprehensive list of pick up and drop off points that only a nationwide company can. This large rental brand also provides a range of other perks, so be sure to take these into account when planning your trip:


  • 24/7 breakdown assistance.
  • A helpful customer support team.
  • Modern, well-equipped motorhomes.


Introducing the Motorhomes Italy rental fleet

There are four different RVs in the Motorhomes Italy fleet, so you’ll have no difficulties finding a vehicle suited for your itinerary.


  • Group A: Group A is a Katamarano 12P motorhome, which sleeps up to four people with a central double bed and a second double bed in the back. There is a small bathroom and a basic kitchen on board, as well as a dinette. Additionally, there is a ‘garage’ in the back for bike and luggage storage.
  • Group B: Group B is comprised of Europeo 4 models, which are large six-berth motorhomes with two double beds and a set of single bunk beds. Group B also has a bathroom, kitchen, dining area, and garage.
  • Group C: A large six-berth Europeo 5 motorhome with three double beds. Includes a spacious interior and basic amenities such as a bathroom and kitchen.
  • Group D: The largest motorhome in the fleet, Group D is comprised of Katamarano Sound models with two double beds and three single beds for large groups. This vehicle also includes a full kitchen and bathroom, and a living area.


Motorhomes Italy rental locations

No matter where you arrive in Italy, or where you want to visit on your motorhome road trip, a Motorhomes Italy depot is never too far away, thanks to their many locations throughout the country:



These cities and towns are dotted throughout Italy, so you can organise a one-way rental if that better suits your plans. Whether that’s exploring the canals of Venice, taking a selfie with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or getting off the beaten track and discovering seaside towns along the coast. However, keep in mind that it may be cheaper to return your motorhome to the same depot at which you picked it up, which can free up extra travel budget to spend on activities, and importantly, Italian food!


With the freedom of having your accommodation with you everywhere you go, and an endless array of depots where you can start your journey and drop your motorhome at the end of the trip, Motorhomes Italy is a natural choice when exploring the ‘Beautiful Country’.