Sweden motorhome rental



Right in the heart of Scandinavia, bordering Norway and Finland, a Sweden camper rental will take you on a road trip of picturesque scenery, incredible fresh air and a way of living you will never have tasted before. A constitutional monarchy, the quality of life here is exceptionally high and the Swedes are very proud of how they look after each other, in terms of health care and education. Under the rule of King Carl XVI Gustaf, peaceful Sweden is not just a fantastic mountainous, snow-sport destination. Camping here in summer is also a glorious experience. With a long coastline, exciting cites and welcoming locals, a motorhome hire in Sweden is the perfect holiday choice.




Hit the slopes in your motorhome

While the climate is slightly more temperate than other Scandinavian countries, packing up the skis in your Sweden camper or car rental is always a good idea. Very laid-back and cool, skiing in Sweden is a relaxed affair with a selection of mountains to choose from. Are is the number one resort where you can ski and snowboard to your heart’s content, but the prices can be expensive. Other spots include Riksgransen and Dalarna, with snowfall between Christmas and Easter.


Things to do in Sweden

With a population of under 10 million, Sweden isn’t a particularly big European country, but there are many cities to enjoy. The most popular tourist spot is of course Stockholm. And never mind the Swedish stereotypes of Ikea, Abba and Volvo – this is a very trendy place to visit. English is widely spoken, with Stockholm uniquely built on 14 islands. Known for its historical significance and tradition, the Vasa and Swedish History Museums will give you an insight into the region, while the Royal Dramatic Theatre and Ericsson Globe always host major shows and events.

Other hot-spots for your motorhome holiday include Gothenburg and Malmo, while hidden gems include the likes of Kosterhavet Marine National Park and Skane with its beautiful forestry.
Handy driving tips for Sweden

  • You must drive on the right.

  • The speed limit on major highways is 110km/h, while in urban areas it’s 50km/h unless otherwise instructed.

  • If you’re travelling in winter, snow tyres could be required. Check before you set off – you don’t want to be caught short without the correct equipment.

  • In the case of an emergency, the number is 112.


Camping tips – parking up your camper hire


The Swedish Right of Public Access is in essence an act of freedom for people to travel and camp in Sweden, as long as they respect the land they use. So litter, erosion and general damage to the landscape are very much frowned upon. On many public roads you can use lay-bys for 24 hours and designated public areas. Wild camping is very popular in Sweden, so you can travel extensively without using campsites although there is often a small fee to pay.

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