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Discover Nevada’s desert jewel with Las Vegas RV rentals

People wanting to experience a burst of energy tend to visit Las Vegas, a precious gem and rightfully the Entertainment Capital of the World. Why not prolong the excitement and experience more of Vegas by renting a motorhome or campervan. Along with casinos, hotels and shotgun weddings, Las Vegas is also a city of RVs. The spacious desert oasis is home to a number of RV parks, and there is even one right on The Strip at the Circus Circus Hotel.

Thus, renting an RV for a road trippin' holiday tour in Las Vegas is an ideal way to enjoy the city to the fullest. With year-round events and abundant activities, your camper rental Las Vegas will be an experience of a lifetime. Rent a motorhome from Las Vegas for an exciting and fun-filled desert adventure in the United States.

For such a small size, The Las Vegas Strip is magnanimous in reputation as world-class entertainment hub.

Rent an RV in Las Vegas with Motorhome Republic

There are numerous choices and offers for your RV rentals in Las Vegas. Motorhome Republic makes it simple to compare 12 brands of camper rentals Las Vegas NV has, with offerings from small campers to huge Class A RV's, and the largest range of RV rental companies - including Cruise America RV Rentals, Road Bear RV, Apollo, Escape Rentals, Jucy, El Monte RV Las Vegas and more. The only issue is deciding which option fits you best.

Renting an RV becomes an easy process with Motorhome Republic. Just search, compare and book to get the cheapest rates for your RV rental Las Vegas! Our simple search function brings all the rental companies in Las Vegas together on one page. No need to spend hours scouring multiple websites. Enter the parameters for your Las Vegas campervan rental - date, location, vehicle type or specifications - and then, compare prices and deals from trusted rental brands in Vegas. Book with us and get the best RV rental for your Las Vegas holiday!

Las Vegas RV Rental Brands and Depots

Escape and Wild Campers

Escape Rentals and Wild Campers is located at 3347, S. Highland Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89109. They stock three models of van conversions that cater to budget-conscious travelers. Their rental vehicles are all painted with funky murals from some renowned local graffiti artists. The brief is to add a tasteful dash of colour, but they certainly stay away from being offensive. Escape Camper Rentals include 100 miles free per day, while Wild Campers have no free mileage included in the rates, which obviously makes shorter journeys a cheaper campervan option in Las Vegas.

Escape Rentals do not offer free transfers, but you can easily take a taxi ride from the airport to the RV rental depot. The branch location is only a short walk (or taxi ride if the heat is oppressive) from the famous Las Vegas Strip. Pick-up for your Escape Camper Rental is between 11am and 4pm and vehicles must be returned by 10am.

Jucy Campers

Jucy Campers offer converted Chrysler Town & Country vehicles and cater to the backpacker-type market or those wanting to travel on a budget. The motorhome rentals are not self-contained and therefore have no toilet or shower, so you will need to stay in RV parks or campsites for the duration of your stay. These vehicles are certainly easier to drive than some of the bigger RVs and are an ideal entry-level vehicle for those looking to get a cheap RV rental in Las Vegas.

The Jucy depot in Las Vegas is at 5895 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV. Transfers are not included in the rates, so prepare a budget for the cab ride from the airport or from downtown Las Vegas. Vehicles must be picked up between 1pm and 3pm and drop-off is between 9am and 11am.

El Monte RV

El Monte RV rentals in Las Vegas NV offers a range of sizes from 22ft Class C to 32ft Class A vehicles. With such a wide range of motorhomes, we should have something to suit all group sizes. The El Monte RV and Compass RV branch is about seven miles from McCarran International Airport and 15 miles from the strip at 3800 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, Nevada.

El Monte RV suggests that all international and long-distance travelers spend the first night after arrival at a hotel and pick up their El Monte RV Las Vegas the following day. Shuttle transfers are provided from select Las Vegas Airport hotels and the shuttle has designated pick-up times between 10am and 2pm. If you wish to make your own way to the rental branch in Vegas you may do so, but remember that takeover time of vehicles is between 1pm to 4pm based on their readiness. Rental vehicle drop-off is between 8am and 11am.

Apollo and Star RV

Apollo RV operates a range of late-model RVs in varying sizes, from van conversions to Class A RV rental vehicles in Las Vegas. They also run a premium brand - Star RV is a fleet of new model vehicles for your luxury RV rental Las Vegas needs. They all contain shower and toilet facilities and most also have a generator. Compare Apollo RV rental rates here and save on your next road trip in Las Vegas.

The Apollo depot is in the suburb of Whitney, nine miles from the city and around seven miles from the airport. Transfers are not included in Apollo RV rental rates but you can take a taxi from the city and from the airport. The branch is at 5837 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV and you can pick-up your RV hire between midday to 4pm, Monday to Friday, and 9am to 11am on Saturday. The rental location is closed on Sundays. Vehicle drop-off is between 9am and 11am, Monday to Saturday.

Road Bear RV Rentals

Road Bear RV has a range of brand new vehicles for rent in Las Vegas, all equipped with a selection of modern conveniences. The RV rental Vegas depot for Road Bear and Star Drive RV is at 4730 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV and is around 10 miles from Las Vegas - McCarran International Airport and around 15 miles from the strip. Transfers are included in your Road Bear RV rental rates which you should take into account as it can save you money and make it a cheaper option for your RV hire.

Pick-up is between midday and 4pm, Monday to Friday, and return is between 8am and 10.30am. The rental location is open for reduced hours on Saturdays - 8am to 1pm. Free transfers are provided from airport area hotels only, not the airport terminals. They must be arranged by 10am at the latest on the day of pick-up, preferably though you will arrange your transfers up to 72 hours prior to arrival. Return transfers are provided to designated area hotels or you may also be dropped off at the airport terminals in Las Vegas if you prefer.


Las Vegas City Guide


Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada

The famous sign greeting visitors to Las Vegas declares the city fabulous - and it is. An oasis of glitz and glamour in the deserts of Nevada, there’s more to Vegas than the casinos, hotels and hedonism that meet the eye. The bright lights of the Vegas Strip are certainly impressive but go beyond them and you will discover a softer, more human side.

The most striking aspect of Vegas are the eye-opening opportunities. There’s a multitude of interesting places to go and things to do, and the city never stops. From watching the fountains of the Bellagio or getting married at midnight in a delightfully tacky chapel, to browsing the excellent vintage shops or finding a local gem of a restaurant in a side street or hiking trails, you will always be entertained. That’s why a Las Vegas campervan rental is so perfect if you wish to extend your stay. Staying true to its name as “the city that never sleeps”, Las Vegas has a lot to offer to people looking for endless fun, amusement and adventure.

Who Needs Sleep in Vegas?

Hotels are not hard to find - in fact, you can barely see for the number of them crowding the downtown area. They compete for customers with crazy themes and facilities, and almost all have in-house casinos. Take note: many hotels in Las Vegas will not allow under 21s to reserve a room, due to on-site gambling.

There are a few B&B options in the suburbs, which are great for escaping the sights and sounds of downtown, and some youth hostels reasonably close to the action. Surprisingly, camping is a solid option and the city is home to a number of RV Parks. These range from quite cramped, to lovely with pools and spacious gardens, so do a bit of research.

If you are going to rent an RV in Las Vegas you will likely need to spend the first and last nights of your trip in a nearby RV Parks. Here are some options in and around Las Vegas to cater to all budgets and tastes.

  • Desert Sand RV Park - 1940 North Boulder Highway, Henderson, NV
  • Sam's Town RV Park - 5225 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV
  • Las Vegas RV Resort - 3890 S Nellis Blvd, Las Vegas, NV
  • Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort - 2711 W Windmill Ln, Las Vegas, NV
  • Riviera Vegas Mobilhome Park - 2038 Palm St, Las Vegas, NV
  • Road Runner RV Park - 4711 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas, NV
  • Lake Mead RV Village - 268 Lakeshore Rd, Boulder City, NV

Las Vegas Annual Happenings

You can pretty much see any genre of show, concert or exhibition your heart desires. Comedy, big-name musical acts, theatre and so much more… it’s all here.

For annual events, New Year’s Eve on the Strip is a huge attraction, with more than 300,000 attendees last year. But it is not all showbiz - a bit of mid-west cowboy culture hits the town for the National Finals Rodeo, while NASCAR makes an appearance at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Techies will enjoy the International Consumer Electronics Show and the World Series of Poker now enjoys global TV coverage.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry the Vegan Way

Buffets are king of the dining scene, tying into the city’s ‘more is more’ mentality. At the high-end, these cost up to around $30 for dinner and much less for a lunchtime spread. Themes are popular in Las Vegas and the buffets are no exception. A favourite is Le Village, featuring dishes from the French provinces. Head down some side streets for a quieter experience away from the tourists.

In both buffets and a-la-carte establishments, Las Vegas is becoming somewhat of a Mecca for foodies. Celebrity chefs and sommeliers abound and restaurants are not afraid to push the envelope. The fine dining options are virtually endless, but if that’s not your thing, throw caution to the wind and go for a “Quadruple Bypass” burger at the controversial Heart Attack Grill. It’s as bad for the arteries as it sounds – a welcome change from the RV stove perhaps?

Las Vegas - City from Nothing

The growth of Las Vegas NV is almost inexplicable. Once a humble supply post on a trade route and later a Mormon settlement, the city has exploded in recent decades and continues to expand. Fate rescued Vegas from being a lonely desert outpost, and it has been making the most of this newfound lease on life for many years now.

The people are a multicultural melting pot, seeking opportunity, thrills and challenges. You either love Vegas or hate it, and those who love it work hard to make a life there. Behind the Strip and the buzzing downtown area, the pace relaxes just a little, and the suburbs are full of down-to-earth residents. A rental car or motorhome is a great way to see the back streets and the real character of the city.

From Here to There on RV rentals Las Vegas

Hotels on the Strip are mostly connected by bridges or tunnels, so getting around on foot is easy and pedestrians can avoid traffic and the hot sun. A monorail runs a short route along the Boulevard, and an extensive bus network services the city and Las Vegas valley. It costs $2 per adult for a standard single.

Driving can be frustrating due to traffic gridlock, but a rental motorhome or car is great for getting off the beaten track and exploring suburbs and natural attractions. Las Vegas is linked to other cities in the United States and internationally by Las Vegas McCarran Airport.

Las Vegas Desert Climate

The desert climate is hot and mostly dry, especially between the months of June and September. One-hundred degrees is a common sight on the thermometers. The winter forecast is milder, with snow on the mountains but very rarely in the valley. It doesn't rain often in Las Vegas - which is good really, as the show must go on.

RV Rentals Las Vegas - Road Trip Tips

Here are a few pointers to make your RV rental Las Vegas experience more enjoyable:

  • Book well in advance to make sure you get the rental RV you want - and think about any useful extras. For example, a GPS is very handy, no matter where you're travelling.
  • Driving in Las Vegas is relatively easy - just don’t get distracted by bright lights when cruising down the Strip!
  • Driving with a Las Vegas RV in the desert can get swelteringly hot. Make sure you always have enough water to drink and also keep the engine hydrated.
  • Plan your campervan itinerary well. You have an RV as your home on wheels which allows you a certain amount of freedom, but you also need to prepare an idea of what you will see and how much time is required to see it. Check out our Las Vegas RV Rental Road Trip itinerary for more ideas.
  • As with most locations across the USA, pick-up times for all RV rentals are generally in the afternoon and drop-off occurs in the morning. This means that it's worthwhile adding a day onto each end of your campervan trip. But hey, you're in Las Vegas, so we're sure you can find lots of things to do for entertainment!

Everything You'll Need For Your RV Rental Las Vegas Experience

If you are looking to experience the Burning Man Festival, the Grand Canyon or to explore the famous Route 66, renting a motorhome from Las Vegas is a great idea. With its central location in Nevada, Las Vegas is a great RV rental hub and Motorhome Republic makes it easy to compare the cheapest campervan rental options available. If you are looking for inspiration for your RV rental Nevada road trip, these articles are just the ticket. Research the different options on offer and learn more about what Vegas and its surrounds have to share when you take off in your Las Vegas RV rental from Motorhome Republic.

Rent an RV and discover why Las Vegas is named the Capital of the World.

Despite what those travel Instagram accounts would have you believe, there’s more to making an awesome trip happen than just buying your tickets. However, there are plenty of resources out there to help you make it look as though your Las Vegas vacation took no planning at all. Take a look at all the pages and information you need below to plan your itinerary and activities in Sin City, and perhaps check out an event or two while you’re in town. Plus, hit the On The Road tab on the right for detailed information on local rest areas, campsites and dump stations for all Las Vegas RV rentals.

As soon as you pick up your RV rental Las Vegas will be yours to explore.


Las Vegas NV Events

Las Vegas is the king of events, with a never-ending line-up of performances, festivals, special days and more. Regardless of the time of year you visit, you’ll have no troubles finding an event or two to liven up your stay, or you could easily centre your stay around one of the major Nevada events such as Burning Man. An RV rental in Las Vegas will help you get around the non-stop excitement in this city, and give you the freedom to head off in any direction when you find that perfect event for you.


Burning Man

Held each year around late August or early September, Burning Man is an event unto itself. There’s nothing and nowhere else in the world that’s like this massive temporary city that surfaces as a circle each year with tens of thousands of revellers sharing in the love, music and legend that is Burning Man. Everyone provides their own food and drinks, everyone shares, and monetary transactions are not part of the deal. An RV hire from Las Vegas is a great way to get there and stay there for the week. Refer to these guides for all the information you'll need on the once in a lifetime festival:


Las Vegas Shows

Vegas shows are held throughout the year, and are easily some of the best performances on the planet. The world’s most talented artists and performers hold the stage in Las Vegas, from the unbelievable gravity-defying Cirque du Soleil to the heart-poundingly good Blue Man Group. You’ve even got the opportunity to discover Celine Dion and Absinthe (the group!) at Caesars Palace, and performer Terry Fator at the Mirage.


Clark County Fair & Rodeo

This event is held in Logandale, Nevada, just an hour from Las Vegas every year in April. The event is all about good old-fashioned American fun, with live music, dance performances, livestock, carnival rides and loads of tasty food. One of the main attractions is the variety of rodeo events, making this a proper western festival that is a must to see while you’re on your Las Vegas RV trip.


Helldorado Days

A May extravaganza of entertainment and mayhem, is Las Vegas’ longest running civic event. Come to see the famous Whiskerino (facial hair content), the professional rodeo, the carnival, art show and more. And the best part? The entire festival, held in downtown Las Vegas, is for a good cause - all the profits go directly to charities helping veterans and local kids.


Nevada Day

This day celebrates the anniversary of when this state became a state back on October 31, 1864. It’s celebrated on the closest weekend to the 31st every year, with beard contests, fun runs, treasure hunts, block parties, and the all-important Nevada Day Parade as the pinnacle of the event. Grab a motorhome rental in Las Vegas to head up to Carson City for this spectacular event.


The Monster Jam World Finals

These are held at the Sam Boyd Stadium throughout the third week of March every year. This is your chance to watch monster trucks as they race, crash, and generally create highly entertaining mayhem in the world’s biggest championship monster truck event.

Las Vegas NV Activities

You’ll be like a kid in a candy store when it comes to activities in Las Vegas. Fill up your days and your motorhome itinerary with as many of these epic activities as possible and you’ll walk away from this dynamic city wondering what hit you. You’ve got sight-seeing trips, titillating shows, educational tours, and unique adventures just to name a few. A Las Vegas RV rental is the best way to get around them all in comfort and style without having to deal with public transport!


The Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is less than an hour from Vegas, and is one of those places that you won’t really comprehend until you get there. This thing is huge. In fact, back when it was built in the 1930s, it was the biggest concrete structure of its time. The dam controls flooding and irrigation, and creates hydroelectric power, but mostly, it’s simply an incredible sight! This piece features the Hoover Dam as a great destination for Motorhome Holiday History Buffs.


Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon in Arizona is what’s known as a ‘slot canyon’, which means that it is quite narrow and was formed by water rushing through it to create pathways. This attraction is one of the most surreal natural places you will ever see, as the high ochre-coloured walls create spectacular displays of colour and shapes as the sunlight filters down from above. Pick up an RV rental Las Vegas for this 5-hour trip for some of the best memories - and photos - of your travels. We've featured this attraction on our blog in the past - take a look here: 7 of the Most Instagram Worthy Travel Destinations


The Strip

There are few places in the world that are as geographically small as the Las Vegas Strip, but carry such a huge reputation. Its real name is Las Vegas Boulevard South, and it’s absolutely covered with attractions and entertainment. The Bellagio Fountains are famous for their regular shows, the Colosseum at Caesars Palace is known for its world-class theatre performances, and the whole road is dotted with casinos and grand hotels. This is the main Vegas attraction and one not to be missed on a night out in town.


Shooting Ranges

Have you ever wanted to feel the power of an automatic gun? For many visitors, this opportunity is something you would never find at home, and it’s one that Las Vegas offers in droves. There are multiple shooting ranges in the city, with all the machine guns, automatic rifles, and .50 calibre weapons you could ask for. There is normally ample parking for your RV rental outside these joints.


Sightseeing Tours

Like any major city, Las Vegas offers a slew of sightseeing tours that will give you a full experience of the attractions and history in the area. Many of them focus on the city itself, so you can take a bus ride through town, a limo ride along the strip or even fly over it all in a helicopter. The Grand Canyon is another big drawcard, and tour operators offer bus and helicopter rides out to this world-famous location. Other tours include ghost hunts, Vegas mob history trips, Hoover Dam excursions, and much more.


Nature & Wildlife Tours

Get ready to get out of the central strip and out into nature, because Vegas even offers nature and wildlife tours. Take a trip to the Desert National Wildlife Refuge, go horseback riding just off the strip, jump on a scooter or push bike for tours of the area’s best attractions, or take a hike along the Chuckawalla Trail and discover an old ghost town.


Other Activities in Las Vegas Nevada

But wait - there’s more. Proving that the fun times really never end in Sin City the Capital of the World, there are still more adventures to be had in Vegas. There are national parks for couples and families with kids, and other fabulous spots only separated by walking distance. Take a look at these 11 Top Attractions in Las Vegas for hot air balloon rides, hiking, mountain biking, motorsport racing, ziplining and ATV tours that’ll knock your socks off.

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On The Road on Las Vegas RV Rental

In order to help you enjoy the best kind of US RV Rental holiday possible, we’ve put together a collection of essential information for those hitting the road in a motorhome rental within or near Las Vegas. Where you could stay along the way, places to dump your waste, and spots to pull over to rest and maybe grab a bite to eat are just a few of the points covered below. So to make sure that when you rent an RV in Las Vegas, your vacation goes as smoothly as possible, simply read on.


RV Campsites We Recommend in Las Vegas


Be it an amusement park, a state park, and even RV camping parks, you are in for a nice surprise in Las Vegas and even the entire state of Nevada! Staying in Las Vegas can be a pricey affair, but fortunately staying in an RV can allow you to enjoy a comfortable visit at very reasonable prices. Whether you’re planning to stick around Las Vegas Nevada for a while or strike out to discover the many attractions nearby, staying at RV campsites is undoubtedly the smart way to travel.


Hitchin’ Post RV Park & Motel: Set on the northeastern side of town on North Las Vegas Boulevard, Hitchin’ Post prides itself on amenities like free cable TV and wireless internet, a golf practice facility, a dog wash and a heated saltwater swimming pool. Daily rates start at $29.70 per night. If you're looking for an RV campground and place to wind down, Hitchin' Post is your best call of action. The abundance of amenities and well looked after facilities on offer, as well as affordable accommodation rates, make this one of our top picks when travelling in the Vegas area.

Address: 3640 N Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89115, United States

Website: hprvp.com


Riviera RV Park: Located on the east side of Las Vegas, Riveria RV Park is only a few minutes away from the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. Small pets are welcome, free internet is available and daily rates are $26.61 per day.

Address: 2200 Palm St, Las Vegas, Nevada 89104, United States

Website: rivierarvlv.com


Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort: Located just south of the Las Vegas Strip, Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort boasts a tropical ‘Casablanca’ theme, with a restaurant, 18-hole putting course, 24/7 check-in, and two lagoon-style swimming pools among the highlights for visitors. Daily rates start from $84.95 but can vary according to the type of site for your RV rental.

Address: 2711 W Windmill Ln, Las Vegas, Nevada 89123, USA

Website: oasislasvegasrvresort.com


Road Runner RV Park: Road Runner RV Park can be found just minutes to the east of the Las Vegas Strip and offers a quiet, peaceful place to take a break from the shining, jangling extravagance of Las Vegas. The park features a pool, jacuzzi and a reading room, and has standard daily rates from $22 per day to park your Las Vegas motorhome rental.

Address: 4711 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121, USA

Website: roadrunnerrvpark.com


Las Vegas RV Resort: Located a little to the east of the Las Vegas Strip, the Las Vegas RV Resort offers vacationers a place to relax in comfort while still staying handy to the city’s biggest attractions. A pet area, free WiFi, a fitness center and picnic tables at every site are just a few of the features on offer, daily rates start from $35 per day for you and your Las Vegas RV rental.

Address: 3890 S Nellis Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121, USA

Website: lasvegasrvresort.com


More Recommended RV Campsites in Nevada


Wine Ridge RV Resort: Set a little over an hour’s drive to the west of Las Vegas in the town of Pahrump, Wine Ridge RV Resort offers one of the most beautiful RV park settings in the entire region. As the name suggests, visitors won’t have to go far in their Las Vegas RVs to discover scenic vineyards and the acclaimed Pahrump Valley Winery. Daily rates for an RV site start from $22, depending on the season and type of site.

Address: Wine Ridge RV Resort & Cottages, 3800 Winery Road, Pahrump, NV 89048

Website: wineridgervresort.com


Cree’s Mobile Home Park: Located on the doorstep of both Lake Mohave, and Mojave National Preserve in historical Searchlight, Cree’s Mobile Home Park is perfect for those seeking water activities on the lake or who wish to discover the stark beauty of the Mojave desert in a Las Vegas campervan hire. Daily rates are $33 per night.

Address: 701 State Highway 164 (Nipton Road), Searchlight, NV

Website: creesdesertpark.com


Nevada Treasure RV Resort: Families visiting Pahrump, Nevada will find a lot to love at Nevada Treasure RV Resort, with a bowling center, putting green, and two-level swimming pool among the many amenities. Their beautiful lots start from $40 per night at daily rates.

Address: 301 Leslie, Pahrump, NV 89060, United States

Website: nevadatreasurervresort.com


Callville RV Park & Campground: Callville RV Park allows you to park up well away from the Las Vegas urban centre and enjoy the lakeside delights of Callville Bay on Lake Mead. Full hook ups are available for $20 per night.

Address: 100 Callville Bay Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120, USA

Website: callvillebay.com


Lakeside Casino & RV Park: Having earned a 10-10-10 star rating from the Good Sam RV Club, the Lakeside RV Resort is one of the loveliest RV parks in the country. Amenities include kayaks and pedal boats as well as the more standard swimming pool and free WiFi - not to mention the 24/7 casino and bar. Daily rates start from $55 - $65 to park up your RV rental Las Vegas.

Address: 5870 Homestead Rd, Pahrump, NV 89048, USA

Website: lakesidecasinopahrump.com


Lake Mead RV Village: Set on the banks of the beautiful Lake Mead, this is not one park but two. Echo Bay Park is ideal for boaters and fishermen - a free on-site launch ramp and large RV camping sites with room for boats, that's Echo Bay. Boulder Beach is conveniently placed in close proximity to a number of top attractions - Boulder City, Hoover Dam and Las Vegas itself are all within easy reach.

Address: Lake Mead National Recreation Area, 268 Lakeshore Rd, Boulder City, NV 89005, USA

Website: lakemeadrvvillage.com


Saddle West RV Resort: Cable TV, a pool, hot tub and 24-hour security all feature at Pahrump’s Saddle West RV Resort. Boasting no hidden fees and with a daily rate starting at $39, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to get a great deal.

Address: 1220 NV-160, Pahrump, NV 89048, USA

Website: saddlewest.com


Keystone RV Park: Las Vegas hogs more than its share of attention in Nevada, but visiting Reno in your RV rental is just as exciting adventure, though for very different reasons. Keen skiers will probably already have heard about the massively popular ski fields surrounding the city, and it also serves as a fantastic launching point for exploring places like Lake Tahoe, Virginia City Carson City. Keystone RV Park puts you in the perfect spot to experience all this and more on your Las Vegas motorhome hire roadtrip.

Address: 1455 W 4th St, Reno, NV 89503, USA

Website: keystonervpark.com


New Frontier RV Park: Located in the town of Winnemucca, New Frontier RV Park is nestled at the foot of gently rising hills and provides an excellent base for exploring northern Nevada. Daily rates based on two people are just $27-50 a night, depending on the season.

Address: 4360 Rim Rock Rd, Winnemucca, NV 89445, USA

Website: newfrontierrvpark.com


Cottonwood Cove RV Park: Visitors to Cottonwood Cove RV Park will park up within sight of the gorgeous Lake Mohave, and enjoy easy access to many of Cottonwood Cove Resort’s amenities, such as the marina, convenience store and cafe. Daily rates during Summer/Fall start from $41 per night.

Address: 10000 Cottonwood Cove Rd, Searchlight, NV 89046, United States

Website: cottonwoodcoveresort.com


Boulder Oaks RV Resort: Staying at Boulder Oaks RV Resort will place you about halfway between the bright lights of Las Vegas and the massive magnificence of the Hoover Dam. Although you’ll probably spend most of your time exploring the nearby attractions, when you return to the resort you can enjoy free WiFi, a heated pool, a clubhouse and a dry sauna among other amenities on your Las Vegas motorhome rental stopover.

Address: 1010 Industrial Rd, Boulder City, NV 89005, United States

Website: boulderoaksrvresort.com


RV Dump Stations in Vegas and Nevada


It’s not the most glamorous feature of an RV Las Vegas vacation, but there’s no question that being able to get rid of your RV waste in a timely manner is essential. Many RV camping parks will have their own dump stations, but if you’re not able to avail yourself of this for any reason there are still plenty of places where you can safely empty your grey and black water tanks. Be aware that there may be fees associated with using these waste disposal stations. Below are a few vehicle dump stations in and around Nevada’s most popular destinations.


155 West Imperial Avenue: Right in the heart of Las Vegas in the Arts District, this is perfect for those who are based in the city centre.


6580 Spencer Street: Directly south of the airport, this could be a handy spot for those returning their Las Vegas RV rental to McCarran International Airport.


1477 E Helm Avenue: Just a one block south of the Spencer Street station, this is another good option for those emptying out before turning in their camper rental.


6165 South Decatur Boulevard: Two blocks west of McCarran International Airport, near The Orleans Hotel & Casino, this station is ideal for those heading back to the airport from Pahrump or western Las Vegas.


10490 Bermuda Road: Located a few miles south of Paradise and McCarran International Airport, you may find this location a little less busy than those closer to the city center.


4500 E Tropicana Avenue: Set a few miles east of the Las Vegas Strip, on the same street as the Pinball Hall of Fame, this station is perfectly situated for those staying in eastern Las Vegas.


2021 Civic Center Drive: Located in the center of North Las Vegas, this dump station is still only a few blocks away from Downtown.


2939 N Van Der Meer Street: Conveniently situated just off N Las Vegas Boulevard, this station is works well for those staying the northern suburbs of Las Vegas.


6595 North Hollywood Boulevard: This station can be found at the far northeastern corner of Las Vegas, near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


6101 N Decatur Boulevard: Those staying at the northern end of the city or returning their Las Vegas RV rental to the North Las Vegas Airport may find this station handy.


8490 Farm Road: Located at the northeastern corner of Las Vegas, this waste station is just off Highway 95 and could work well for people returning to Las Vegas after a trip up north to somewhere like Reno or Carson City.


80 N Stephanie Street: Just off I-215, this could be a convenient option for those who’ve spent most of their stay in Henderson or even further east, but are returning to Las Vegas to finish up their trip.


631 East Lake Mead Parkway: Set a little northeast of the Henderson centre, those who are spending most of their time in Henderson may find this the most convenient station to use.


1217 Nevada Highway: Set on the left-hand side of the highway as you’re heading back into Las Vegas, this is a good option for those staying in Boulder City but dropping off their RV rental at McCarran International Airport.


1008 Nevada Highway: This station is also directly off the Highway 93, and is handy to an Albertsons, so if you need to stock up on groceries before you leave Boulder City, this could be the choice for you.


Rest Areas

When you’re spending most of your vacation on the road, making sure you stay well-rested and alert at the wheel is very important. Quite aside from the safety aspect, taking breaks every now and again will make any RV road trip far more enjoyable. Fortunately, there are plenty of rest areas in Nevada where you can pull off the highway, park up your RV for a while and enjoy a meal, a short nap or simply rest your eyes for a bit. Take a look below to discover some of the places you can rest up in this state.

Nevada Interstate Highways

  • Mesquite Rest Area (I-15 exit 122)
  • Wendover Rest Area (I-80 exit 410)
  • Wadsworth Rest Area (I-80 exit 42)
  • Button Point Rest Area (I-80 exit 187)
  • Valmy Rest Area (I-80 exit 216)
  • Beowawe Rest Area Westbound (I-80 exit 258)
  • Beowawe Rest Area Eastbound (I-80 exit 258)
  • Trinity Rest Area (I-80 exit 83)
  • Pequop Rest Area (I-80 exit 373)

Nevada State Highways

  • Thousand Springs Rest Area (NV-140)
  • Leonard Creek Rest Area (NV-140)
  • Wilson Canyon Rest Area (NV-208)
  • Garden Valley Rest Area (NV-278)
  • Valley of the Moon Rest Area (NV-305)
  • Sunnyside Rest Area (NV-318)
  • Crystal Springs Rest Area (NV-375/NV-318)
  • Big Smoky Rest Area (NV-376)
  • Mt Rose Rest Area (NV-431)

Nevada US Highways

  • Blue Jay Rest Area (US-6)
  • Saulsbury Wash Rest Area (US-6)
  • Eureka Rest Area (US-50)
  • Bean Flat Rest Area (US-50)
  • Boulder City Rest Area (US-93)
  • Schellbourne Rest Area (US-93)
  • Salmon Falls Creek Rest Area (US-93)
  • Pony Springs Rest Area (US-93)
  • Pahranagat Rest Area (US-93)
  • Millers Rest Area (US-95)
  • Armagosa Valley Rest Area (US-95)
  • Hawthorne (US-95)
  • Log Cabin Rest Area (US-95)
  • Luning Rest Area (US-95)
  • Orovada Rest Area (US-95)
  • Mountain House Rest Area (US-395)


Fuel Stations and Tips


A significant portion of every RV hire road trip budget will end up going toward fuel, but there are ways to reduce the portion of your budget that is spent on fuel. One key to fuel savings is planning your trip so that you’re never in desperate need of fuel. This will lower your stress levels for a start, but it also means you can be strategic about where you fill up. Generally speaking, fuel prices are higher in smaller towns, while the competition that exists in larger centers tends to drive the price down.

Fuel prices are always fluctuating, so listing prices in the Nevada area would be pointless, but there are a few different sites which can help you keep your finger on the pulse of fuel prices wherever you’re travelling to. One of the easiest to use is GasBuddy.com - just enter your location and the type of fuel you’re needing, and you’ll discover a number of gas stations with the lowest prices in the area. There’s even an app so you can keep track of prices on the go.

Most RVs will take petrol, but always be sure to double-check with your rental supplier what kind of fuel your RV needs, as filling it with the wrong type of fuel can have disastrous consequences.

One important thing to remember when you decide to rent RV Las Vegas online is that, unless explicitly stated otherwise, you’ll be expected to return your RV with a full tank of gas. Returning campervan rentals to the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport shouldn’t prove an issue in this regard as there are several gas stations very close to the airport.

Another consideration for those striking out on epic RV road trips is taking care to fill up when you can. RV rental vacationers starting from Las Vegas have all kinds of options for amazing long haul trips, but some of these will take you far from civilization - and far from gas stations - so be sure to check you have enough fuel before heading deep into the desert.




One of the great things about traveling in a campervan rental is the fact that many models have a number of kitchen facilities, allowing you to save a small fortune by preparing your own delicious meals along the way. Of course, all the ingredients have to come from somewhere, so knowing where the nearest supermarket is can be valuable information on an RV motorhome rental holiday.

If you’re wanting to stock up on supplies right after you drive out of McCarran Airport, there are a couple of options right nearby for you to choose from. Whole Foods Market on Las Vegas Boulevard offers plenty of choice for those who are willing to pay a little more for top quality food with plenty of organic, vegan and gluten-free options.

If you’d rather not bother with fancy foods and just need to get some groceries at a decent price, a few blocks to the east of the airport on W Tropicana Ave you can find an Albertsons. A little to the north, 99 Ranch Market on Spring Mountain Road has plenty of fresh produce and Asian specialty foods - perfect if you’re planning to cook up a few stir-fries or other delicious ethnic dishes over the course of your Las Vegas campervan road trip.

Useful FAQs for RV Rental in Las Vegas


How much does it cost to rent an RV in Las Vegas?

RV rental rates in Las Vegas will change a bit depending on availability and seasonality. See Motorhome Republic for more deals, vehicle models and pricing information. Rent an RV or campervan and get ready for an epic adventure.

How much does it cost to rent an RV for a week?

RV Rental price/rates will change based on availability and season but you can expect to get cheaper rental rates if you book a motorhome for a longer period of time.

How old do I have to be to hire an RV from Las Vegas?

21 is the standard age requirement for vehicle rental - some rental suppliers in Las Vegas NV may allow for 18+ drivers, but this usually comes with additional insurance costs.

Are there any RV rentals with unlimited miles?

Sometimes it is possible to find an RV rental deal with unlimited miles, yes. This will generally be based on a set time deal, rather than a regular standing offer.

Can I rent an RV one way?

Yes, it is possible to secure RV rental in Las Vegas one way, even in most cities of the United States of America, but there is often a one-way fee associated with this. Sometimes you can find Las Vegas offers and deals which waive the one-way fee.

Is insurance required when renting an RV?

Short answer: yes. There are a number of ways to go about this, but your easiest option is to select Motorhome Republic’s Protection Plus Excess Refund Insurance when booking your RV.

Do I have to fill up the gas tank in my RV rental before returning it?

Usually, yes. Always check the rental agreement with your supplier to see if this is a requirement. In some cases, suppliers may offer deals which mean you are not required to return your rental with a full tank.

What is the best RV rental company?

Travellers Autobarn Campervans have the most excellent ratings from customers looking for RV rentals in Las Vegas.

How populous is Las Vegas?

The population of Las Vegas is around 640,000 but the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area has a population that reaches over 2 million.