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Start Your Road Trip with a Boston RV Rental

An important gateway to the New England area, Boston makes an excellent kick-off point for a motorhome journey full of great food, scenery and culture. With a major international airport, it is easy to get to and has a huge range of rental vehicles on offer.


From Puritans to Pupils

“Baahhstin”, as it is called in the distinctive local accent, is a place of great influence and history. From the Puritans’ ‘shining city on a hill’ to the current forward-thinking and innovative urban centre, it has been many things to different groups of people.

The numerous unique neighbourhoods add to the overall character. Georgian architecture rubs shoulders with glass skyscrapers, Harvard students and those from the many other institutions of learning mix with working-class immigrant citizens, and age-old traditions are observed in a destination also at the forefront of innovation in business, education and civil rights. One night of camping in your RV may not be enough.

Finding a Bed

There are all types of accommodation here and plenty of places to stay. Charming independent hotels and guest houses are a favourite, often found in the heritage buildings near the city centre. Location is the biggest consideration - the downtown area around the Financial District and Faneuil Hall are best for those wishing to see the classic sights. Somerville is close to the beautiful grounds of Harvard, while East Boston is near the airport for convenience. RV travellers can find plenty of holiday parks and campgrounds in the vicinity of Boston to park up for however long you plan to holiday for.

Annual Events

It is impossible to sum up the events calendar, as there are so many things to see and do each day. From a local muso playing in a neighbourhood bar, to a Celtics game at the massive TD Garden or exhibition at the Boston Convention Centre, this is a city full of places to go. A few of the best annual events are the Wine Expo, New England Boat Show, Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations, Boston Marathon, Oktoberfest and various Christmas events.

Bites and Brews

Tradition is important on the Boston culinary scene, but that doesn’t restrict new and exciting ideas. Long-standing dishes such as clam chowder and lobster stew remain, but you can find international foods at the many restaurants. To try some of the amazing seafood passing through the city’s ports, head to Summer Shack or the Island Creek Oyster Bar. Italian eateries are commonplace amongst the immigrant communities in the North End, and Chinatown obviously has excellent Asian establishments. The famous Flour Bakery and Cafe is a Boston icon and great spot for lunch.

Bar hopping is a way of life here, and there are plenty of Irish pubs to enjoy – perfect if you’ve been hitting the open road in your camper and want to wet your whistle! There are two breweries - Samuel Adams in Jamaica Plain and Harpoon in South Boston - which both offer tours and tastings.

People of Boston

On the eastern coast of the New World, Boston played a central role in the history of European settlement of North America. It is still an important hub for the New England region and, in fact, the entire country, punching above its weight as a mid-sized city.

Boston is home to some of the country’s most prized young thinkers at its many universities, and also has a number of immigrant communities, of which many members are now third or fourth generation. Together these groups have made the city one of the most forward-thinking and barrier-breaking in the US. Visiting Boston means being exposed to new ideas, concepts and experiences through its diverse people.

Time to Spare?

There are some lovely green areas. One of these is Boston Common, the oldest park in the country. You can picnic, watch football, visit memorials and ice-skate in winter. The Freedom Trail begins there: a 2.5-mile route taking in 16 historically significant sites. This can be walked solo or with a tour group.

You can educate yourself without gaining admission to Harvard! There’s a range of museums - the Children’s Museum, Fine Arts, several on the Harvard campus, the Museum of Science and the USS Constitution Museum, to name just a few. The fabulous New England Aquarium is another great spot.

Looking for a way to spend the evening after parking up the RV? The Boston Symphony Orchestra and other orchestral groups perform at Symphony Hall regularly. The Theatre District is a treasure trove of entertainment, where most Broadway shows will preview, along with local shows by theatre companies.

In case you would like to go further, you could head North to Canada and discover the lovely cities of Montreal and Toronto. If you drive South, you will be able to visit the major cities of the Northeast: New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC. You may also opt for an RV rental in Minneapolis to begin experiencing the beauty of Minnesota.


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Moves and Grooves

Renting a motorhome and driving is a great way of taking in the wider New England area, but not to get around central Boston! Thankfully the city has an efficient and inexpensive public transit system. The subway is called the “T” and can get you almost anywhere in the city and suburbs, while buses fill in the gaps. The two systems are both operated by the MBTA, but require separate fares. There are also a number of water shuttles, including the useful ferry between Long Wharf and Navy Yard, which costs $3.

Boston Logan International Airport has flight routes to most domestic and many international destinations. National coach companies and Amtrak railways offer inter-city routes.

Hot and Cold

The weather forecast for summer in Boston is generally mild to hot with a decent amount of rain, and snow is common in winter. The city’s location on the coast means temperatures are moderate in comparison to inland cities, but more prone to nor’easters bringing snow and rain. Come prepared for a range of conditions.

Renting the Right Motorhome

With so many choices, from small campervans to monster RVs, renting a campervan in Boston can be confusing, even in the initial planning stages. The key is to assess what size you are looking for – two-berth, four, or six – and what budget you have. There are a number of suppliers, including El Monte RV and Moturis RV Rentals, so do your research.

Tips for a Successful RV Rental

Renting an RV from Boston is a great adventure- and here are some tips to make it even better.

  • Make sure you are well-insured. We recommend total cover for total peace of mind.

  • Visiting from Britain or the Antipodes? In the U.S they drive on the right-hand side of the road. Don’t forget!

  • Check what comes with your RV rental! You don’t want to end up with two sets of bedding thanks to over-zealous packing.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to explore New England. There will be plenty of small towns and scenery along the way, which may just suck you in.