A bridge connects a small island to the mainland in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile


This long, narrow country has some fabulously beautiful landscapes and natural features stretched more than 4,000 kilometres down the western coast of South America. The sheer variation that its shape entails means you can take a motorhome rental journey that starts in dry, hot desert near Bolivia and ends in stunning glaciers and verdant coastlines on land that reaches into the Southern Ocean toward Antarctica.

A road trip through Chile will uncover more than just natural delights - the country has some wonderful cities, from the urban jungle of Santiago to laidback and sprawling Punta Arenas. An open schedule, your own wheels and the freedom to roam in Chile is an amazing thing - you never know just what you might come across during your adventure.

Driving tips and tricks

  • In Chile, you will drive on the right-hand side of the road, and overtake on the left.

  • The blood alcohol limit for drivers in Chile is 0.05%. This is low, and we recommend abstaining completely from alcohol before driving.

  • Many highways in Chile are tolled. Ensure you have cash to pay these.

  • Plan your route to avoid unpaved roads.

  • On rural roads, keep a sharp eye out for cyclists and animals.

Picking up your Chile camper

The most popular pick up point for campervan and motorhome rentals in Chile is Santiago, the capital and largest city. It is centrally located in the country, so you can explore north and south once you have picked up your vehicle. Instructions on how to pick up your motorhome upon arrival in Santiago will be sent once you make a booking.

Things to do in Chile

There are endless amazing things to do in Chile, but we have picked out a few of the very best.

  • Visit the Torres del Paine National Park and Patagonia region for some spectacular landscapes and natural beauty.

  • Hike a glacier - there are many in Chile, and an array of tour guides and operators who can take you to walk on them safely.

  • Engage in watersports and other recreation in the beautiful Lakes District of Chile.

  • Visit some wineries. The country is becoming known for producing great wines, particularly reds. Just ensure you have a sober driver.

Events in Chile

The country enjoys some great annual festivals, which are definitely worth checking out if your trip coincides. One popular celebration in July is the Festival de la Tirana in the northeast corner of the country, which honours Chile’s patron saint. In September, towns and cities across the nation celebrate Fiestas Patrias, marking the country’s independence with parades, events and entertainment. February brings Festival Internacional de la Cancion, South America’s biggest music festival.


Chile has many campsites, and we recommend the spectacular and low-cost sites in the country’s national parks - just make sure that motorhomes are allowed. You may also opt for privately owned campgrounds which range widely in facilities and costs.


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