Outdoor Travel is a well-known and well-loved motorhome dealership in Canada. Knowing that not everyone will want to purchase an RV outright, or might like to test the waters before investing, they also offer motorhome rentals.


Why is Outdoor Travel a go-to RV rental company in Canada?

As a company that typically specialises in RV sales, you can count on the team to know the models inside and out and to give you all the advice you need on travelling with your motorhome when you pick it up.

If you are looking to purchase a motorhome in Canada at some point, it may also pay to rent from Outdoor Travel. The company offers a credit towards your purchase to the value of one week of your rental costs (or $1,500, whichever is less) if you purchase a motorhome within a year of renting the same type of RV or trailer.

Outdoor Travel also offers special discounted rates for long-term motorhome rentals in Canada. Optional extras for rent include bike racks, GPS devices, and lawn chairs.


The Outdoor Travel fleet

Outdoor Travel offers three types of motorhomes for rent in Canada.


  • Class A motorhomes are top-of-the-line RVs that typically measure 30 to 40 feet in length. They generally come with every comfort imaginable, from full bathrooms and kitchens to dining facilities and entertainment systems. At a maximum, Class A RVs can sleep a total of eight people.

  • Class C motorhomes offer a good mix of spacious interiors and comfortable travel, but without the extra accessories or higher cost. These still include a kitchen, bathroom, and standard heating and cooling, and can at most sleep up to ten people in some models.

  • Viking Travel Trailers require a heavy-duty vehicle with a towbar, and are fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and living and dining areas. They are typically suited for four people. These trailers are 21 feet in length and cannot be used while you are driving. They are a good option if you prefer to park your camper and use a smaller vehicle to go on day trips or tackle difficult roads


Outdoor Travel pick-up locations in Canada

Outdoor Travel is located in Hamilton, Ontario, which is less than an hour south from Toronto. The office is closed on Sundays but open throughout the rest of the week during standard office hours. If you are bringing your own vehicle to the depot to pick up a motorhome for a trip, you can leave your car at the depot for free during your holiday.

Hamilton is not far from the border with the United States, and close to Niagara Falls.


Canadian motorhome travel inspiration

Canada is a vast country, but it’s amazing how much ground you can cover with your own home on wheels. These are some of the top attractions to see after picking up a motorhome in Hamilton.


  • The Niagara Falls: Arguably the world’s most famous waterfall, these cascades are a churning mass of water dropping just over 50 metres from the Niagara River into a huge basin that’s constantly shrouded in spray.

  • Collingwood: Ontario isn’t known for its mountains, but Collingwood makes a case for heading up the hill for snow sports in winter and biking and hiking throughout summer. It is a fantastic resort just two hours from Hamilton.


Explore more with an Outdoor Travel RV rental!