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There is an incredible warmth about Spain, and not just the weather forecast. Its people are passionate about life and a campervan or motorhome hire in Spain is an ideal holiday option, as you may change the itinerary on a number of occasions. This country of the Iberian Peninsula has a way of ensnaring you like no other European destination. Obsessive football culture is combined with a vast array of restaurants and culinary delicacies, with fantastic food everywhere, while the fractured and fascinating history has left behind unique architecture and stories galore.

Rent a campervan in Spain and hit the top destinations like Malaga, Barcelona or Madrid. Whether you decide to explore Costa Brava or Seville, go on a Pyrenees camping adventure, or even visit Spain's wine region of La Mancha in your Spain motorhome hire, you will not be short of ideas.


Top destinations for your Spain campervan hire

Motorhome Republic offers a number of options for campervan hire Spain pick-up. Many will consider Barcelona International Airport an ideal spot to collect, as you are in the northeast of the country and can work your way south or east. Barcelona itself is one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations, thanks to the stunning architecture of Gaudi, one of the most famous football clubs in the world, a buzzing nightlife, pedestrian mall La Rambla and so much more. Camping Tres Estrellas is 12km from the city, while Camping Masnou is a 15km drive – both of these are good sites for a camper tour in Spain.


Hop in your campervan hire in Spain and see the beauty of southwestern Europe.

The heart of the nation and capital, Madrid is probably on your camper hire bucket list if you’re travelling to Spain. A real taste of culture is on offer here with a selection of museums, while Gran Via is a kilometre-long, tourist-friendly central avenue - you will see anything and everything along this central artery. Galleries and parks are also in abundance, with El Retiro a particular favourite. The Royal Palace is another must-do, although it may be a struggle to get in and have a chat.

The Pyrenees (Pirineos in Spanish) borders France and Spain and is a long-established campervan hire itinerary. If you’re camping in Spain, you’re likely to make your way here, to an amazing mountain range that spans around 500km. With majestic peaks, be sure to take your hiking boots, as the world-famous Aneto hits 3500m and is the highest spot. It’s also the third-highest mountain in Spain. There are numerous private camping sites along the route to stay overnight in your camper van rental, although some can be expensive due to tourist demand. Wild camping is fine but check online beforehand. Also, the terrain is very rugged so the season generally runs through the summer months and October, November. It all depends on the weather.


Visit the gardens and architectural elements of Parc Güell with your RV rental Spain.

Costa del Sol, a coastal haven in Malaga, has been delighting beach bums for decades. The luxury accommodations, nightlife, dining, stunning beaches make it a great choice for a family holiday. The cities to the east and west of Malaga, Spain offers everything from flashy cocktail bars and pubs, to live music venues and nightclubs that are open until the morning. It is said to be a never-ending party place!

There’s so much to see and do in Valencia such as shopping, culture, theatre, cinema, music, museums. The city's historic constructions with the futuristic buildings of the avant-garde era are great spots. It’s one of the European cities which hosts the most trade fairs and congresses each year. There is also a famous train station Estación del Norte which is a good sight to see, because of its architecture. Pick up a motorhome hire Spain now and experience everything this country has to offer!

You can continue your European RV tour by visiting Italy or other neighbouring countries and explore with a camper rental in Ireland, or even get a motorhome hire in France. You can also pick up a motorhome hire in Portugal to discover the extreme southwest of Europe or head north and begin a campervan tour in Netherlands.


Handy tips for relaxing motorhome hire in Spain

For a quick rundown, here are some ideas for hitting the road during your motorhome rental Spain holiday:


  • Due to the warm climate, Spain campervan hire during winter is exceptionally common. The milder temperatures encourage thousands to hit the road and enjoy camping in Spain. However, this also means that the roads, and sites, can get very busy.
  • Always look to book early, so you don’t miss out on a motorhome hire or RV rental Spain of your choice.
  • Camping sites do vary in price quite wildly, so check online first so you don’t get a shock at the prices. The camping sites themselves will of course vary, but there has been a substantial effort to improve quality across the board and everything you need should be available at most of the paid-for facilities.
  • English speaking is also very common so no need to worry if you need assistance from the locals during your motorhome rental Spain road trip.
  • Free parking is rare in the bigger cities and finding space will be difficult. If you find it hard to locate a spot for your rental camper van within the bigger cities, there are many spots on the outskirts. Hot water and showers are not difficult to find.
  • Whenever you travel in your motorhome or campervan hire in Spain, always keep your vehicle locked up and don’t pick up strangers. Even invest in an alarm and certainly padlock valuables if you are going for walks and leaving your RV rental isolated especially in remote places. Spain is a wonderfully friendly country, but you can always be unlucky.


Climb the third-highest mountain in Spain, Aneto.


The beauty of Spain motorhome rentals is the variety of things to do and places to stay. The weather is generally fantastic, so what are you waiting for – get booking and find the right RV rental for your Spain adventure with the fantastic team at Motorhome Republic.

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Useful FAQs for a Motorhome Hire Spain

How much does it cost to hire a campervan in Spain?

Planning to rent a camper Spain? All the costs for your motorhome rental in Spain will vary according to pick up date and location, vehicle availability and type.


Use our booking engine to get the best deal for your motorhome hire Spain holiday. If you need a free quote or have questions on optional extras, just give us a call and experience good service from our team of experts to get essential information about your motorhomes/campervans.

How old do you have to be to get a Spain motorhome hire?

21 years of age is the absolute minimum driver age if you want to hire a campervan in Spain, but many motorhome rental suppliers will only hire drivers who are 23 or 25 years of age or above. Those under the age of 25 will almost always have to pay a young driver surcharge.

Which campervan to hire in Spain?

Which vehicle you decide to hire for your holiday in Spain will depend on a range of different factors unique to you. How many people you’re travelling with, what kind of budget you have, how much space you’d like to have - these will all be factors in deciding which campervan to hire. You may also opt to get luxury motorhomes with great facilities for your family holiday trip. Visit our website to search RV rental options to find the very best Spain campervan hire for you.

What licence do I need to drive a campervan hire in Spain?

Unless you’re hiring a Spanish motorhome with a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of more than 3,500 kgs, a standard EU licence will be fine - if you do not hold an EU driver’s licence, you will need an international driver’s permit as well as your original full driver’s licence.

What is the cheapest way to rent an RV?

There are a large number of international RV rental companies with depots in Spain, but if you don’t want to search through numerous websites to find a cheap campervan hire Spain, use Motorhome Republic to find great deals from a wide range of suppliers. Secure payment through major credit cards! No hidden charges and no booking fees.

Can I pick up the motorhome hire in one location and drop it off in another one?

Yes, you can conveniently book a one-way Spain campervan rental from anywhere in the country. Some rental suppliers have a one-way fee, depending on the type of vehicle. All you have to do is choose your desired pick-up location and drop off point.


You can arrange to pick up your Spain motorhome hire at any popular destinations in Southern Spain such as Madrid, Malaga, or Alicante. Alternatively, you can collect a campervan rental Barcelona or in Almeria for a romantic getaway. Always take note of your pick up date/drop off date to avoid any hassle.

What do I need to pick up my campervan rental in Spain?

When you come to collect the motorhome rental Spain, you should bring with you:

  • Driving licence of all the named drivers

  • A credit card in the name of the renter

  • Passport / I.D.


Is there a minimum rental period for my RV rental Spain?

Yes, the minimum Spain motorhome hire period is usually 7 days. There are many exceptions to this depending on the time of year, pick up location, and availability. Some restrictions to minimum hire periods over peak season travel may apply too. One-way RV rental is often restricted to a minimum of 14 days. Check out the various hire motorhome Spain companies as these terms vary. If you are unsure or want to make a special request, please contact us.

What are the conditions of returning the campervan?

You may want to clean your Spain motorhome hire before going to your drop off point. As much as possible, maintain the same condition the way you collected the rental RV.

Are pets allowed?

There are a lot of campervan rental Spain companies that allow pets, you still have to double-check the listing. Be sure to see if there is an extra fee for pets before you rent motorhome Spain. Hire a campervan for your road trip so you can see more of this beautiful nation.

What services are included in the Spain motorhome hire?

A Spain campervan rental is generally fully furnished with linen and bedding, kitchen and general equipment. In addition, there is an in-camper tablet with GPS to help you navigate your route. Moreover, your motor home hire in Spain already includes unlimited kilometres.

Can you park a campervan anywhere in Spain?

Parking your campervan rentals Spain is allowed anywhere, provided that the parking space is suitable and there's no parking sign for large vehicles. Eating, drinking and cooking are allowed too, but you're not allowed to convert a parking space into a temporary residence. Be sure to do your research before booking your camper van hire Spain.


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