Motorhome Hire in Estonia

Estonia is a hidden gem in the Baltic region of northern Europe. With a population of 1.1 million and bordering Russia, Latvia, Lake Peipus and the Baltic Sea; Estonia boasts stunning landscapes, a humid continental climate, booming economy and a provocative history from Viking, Danish and Germanic influences.
Estonia is an ideal location to commence your European Motorhome Holiday.  The Capital City Tallinn offers historic architecture, stylish manor buildings and Soviet military objects along with traditional Estonia culture, cuisine and historical landmarks.

From Tallinn, you can easily get to Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, by simply taking a ferry.

Nature Calls

Throughout the four seasons nature presents her wonders in a variety of locations across the countryside. A day in the nature could include hiking or taking a cycling trip using the many cycling paths crossing Estonia.The bird watching is also world class due to numerous fens and bogs. Forests cover 61% of Estonia. The most common tree species are pine, spruce and birch.
Estonia motorhome holidays also offer rustic villages, romantic towns and untouched wilderness adventures.  Compare all Motorhome Rental options for Estonia here at Motorhome Republic

A snippet of Estonian language 

Some common phrases to help you on your Estonian holiday:
·         Hello. - Tere. (TEHR-reh)
·         How are you?  - Kuidas läheb?
·         Please. / You're welcome - Palun. (PAH-loon)
·         How do I get to _____ ? - Kuidas ma saan _____ ?
·         I'm lost. - Ma olen eksinud. (mah OH-lehn ehk-SEE-nood)

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