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Uncover Canada with your RV Rental Toronto

Planning to start your next motorhome adventure in Canada? Kick off an RV rental tour in Toronto and get ready to experience the modern and multicultural vibes of the city. As Canada’s largest city, a motorhome rental in Toronto is the best way to get around. Packed with activities and adventures, spending even a few days in Toronto makes it easy to see why there’s truly no place like this in the world.

Rent an RV in Toronto and take it to the roads!

This big city is easily accessed by air and road, making it an excellent starting point for your next RV rental road trip in Canada. Close to lakes, Niagara Falls, the US border and the beautiful eastern coast of Canada, it has a lot to offer any intrepid motorhome lover. Fly in and get driving on RV rentals Toronto!


Big, Beautiful Toronto

On the shores of Lake Ontario, urban and modern Toronto is Canada’s most populous city and the centre of the Greater Toronto Area. Home to more than six million people, it is a clean, safe city with green spaces and a huge variety of cultures. Be acquainted with the people and explore the city with your Toronto RV rental and be amazed by its scenic views.


Originally six internal cities, Toronto is now made up of distinct neighbourhoods which you can easily visit driving on your Toronto motorhome rental. These combine to form the beloved city skyline, which is occasionally visible from towns in the US. The CN Tower, at 550m high, is the most distinctive feature, and climbing it can offer amazing views of the lake and surrounding region. Leave your campervan rental for a little while and don’t miss to climb this famous attraction.


Book that perfect RV hire Toronto now and discover the hidden gems of the city.

Toronto Accommodations - Where to lay your head?

For convenience, most visitors in Toronto like to stay in the downtown core, which is home to many attractions and close to the lovely lakefront. Navigating the loop is made easier on campervan rentals. Hotels are a mixed bag in the city, ranging from historic independent establishments to luxury chains.


For those on a budget, there are also plenty of central backpackers, digs and hostels. The best of these is Clarence Park in Clarence Square – young, solo travellers should not pass this up! Bed and breakfast-style accommodation is also popular – they’re more cost-effective in the eastern suburbs and The Annex. The edges of the city are home to campgrounds, where you can park your motorhome for the night. With a little research, it's not hard to find the perfect place to park up your camper van rental in Toronto.

Toronto Events - Annual Calendar

Toronto’s many immigrant communities contribute greatly to the events scene. Numerous festivals include Caribana, Corso Italia, Muslim Fest, the Ukrainian Festival and TaiwanFest. The biggest annual events are the Toronto International Film Festival, Pride Week, Toronto Fringe Festival and the Summerlicious and Winterlicious culinary extravaganzas.


The Nuit Blanche night-time art exhibition takes place over 12 hours in many downtown venues and is a particular favourite, transforming the city into a gallery for a single night. Position your RV rental in Toronto to halt and witness this event as part of your campervan tour itinerary.

Toronto Cuisines - Where to dine?

Tired of roaming around with your camper van rental Toronto? It’s time to satisfy your taste buds. One of the best cities in North America for food, Toronto’s large size and multicultural feel delivers a variety of cuisines. All price points are covered, so you can excite your taste-buds with anything from fine dining to street food and farmers’ markets. Places of interest on the dining scene include Baldwin Village, Chinatown, Yorkville and the area around the Theatre District. Trade the gas stove of your campervan rental for a night of fabulous Toronto cuisine.

Toronto Overview - What to know about the city?

Toronto is in a strategic position for growth and trade - in the part of Canada which dips down into the United States, close to the busy east coast cities, on an important waterway and near several major tourism hotspots which are easily accessible with RV rentals. Residents are generally polite, tolerant and friendly. Especially in summer, they make the city buzz with life, in the parks and on the patios. In the winter, hole up in the cozy cafes, pubs and restaurants to enjoy Toronto from the interior.


Decide on the season you’d like to explore Toronto and be sure to check motorhome rentals in advance to be able to find the perfect campervan for you. Motorhome Republic has the most comprehensive selection of major camper rentals making your search for the most suited RV rentals in Toronto a breeze.


Many different communities of immigrants form a cultural mosaic and they contribute flavour, colour and atmosphere. There are radio stations in the city which broadcast in multiple languages, as well as TV channels which branch beyond English.

Out and About - What are the top things to do in Toronto?

Explore the city’s art, culture and history at one of the many museums, galleries and exhibitions with your Toronto motorhome rental. The Royal Ontario Museum is the cream of the crop, located north of Queen’s Park adjacent to the University of Toronto campus. The Art Gallery of Ontario is another great spot. Toronto also has an Aerospace Museum. Rent a RV Toronto and head to these must-see museums at your own pace.


If you are into sports, steer your campervan rental and take a look at the multipurpose Rogers Centre stadium. It serves as home base for baseball’s Toronto Blue Jays, while the Toronto Argonauts play football in the Canadian pro league. Toronto FC play football in the Major League at BMO Field, with the Marlies in the American Hockey League.


Toronto is not known for its beaches, but they are here - and along with the city’s many parks, they offer a contrast to the urbanity of the city. For a picnic or walk, try the Beaches neighbourhood with its sandy shores, the clothing-optional Hanlan’s Point Beach, or any of the green areas amongst the CBD and suburbs - these are especially concentrated along the Don Valley. A motorhome or rental car can take you to some lovely spots on the lakefront outside of the central city.


The nightlife is best on Richmond and Adelaide Street, which have a multitude of bars. For the more relaxed drinkers, the city is also home to a number of microbreweries. Chill for a night or two and park up your campervan hire to have a taste of Toronto’s nightlife.


Looking for more places to go with your RV hire? From Toronto, you can easily travel to Montreal and even to the Atlantic provinces if you have enough time. Alternatively, you could decide to head to New York, Boston or Philadelphia. But if you are looking for other popular locations in Canada, you can start an RV road trip from Calgary, or discover Vancouver in your motorhome rental.

Toronto Transport - How to get around the city?

Toronto is a huge city! It also has a major transit system to make getting around and ticking off your list of things to do simple and easy. There are subway lines, streetcars, buses and a rapid transit line which combine to move people around. For adults, a single fare is $3.35 and a day pass $13.50. For areas outside of the central suburbs, a rental car or RV can get you places fast, except during rush hour! The international airport is located to the west of the city centre. A campervan hire offers more convenience and flexibility when exploring the whole Toronto.

When to visit Toronto in your campervan hire?

The humid continental climate of the Toronto area makes for a weather forecast of warm summers and cold winters, with four distinct seasons. Snow is a sporadic but reasonably common occurrence and falls any time between November and April. The summer months have hot periods with high humidity. Spring and autumn are great times to visit as they tend towards the pleasantly cool end of the scale.


Plan ahead of time to make sure you get the best RV rental in Toronto suited to the season you plan on going on a campervan tour. Motorhome Republic provides a huge selection of cheap RV rentals not only in Toronto, but also in Calgary, Hamilton, Barrie, Ontario and the whole Canada.

Small to big, 2-berth to 6-berth motorhomes – finding the perfect RV in Toronto

If you are looking for a cheap RV rental in Toronto there are plenty of options available to you. The city is quite large however and so many of the depots are spread out geographically. Pay close attention to the branch location, especially if you are short on time. Your intended campervan itinerary may also mean one RV rental company is more preferable than another. It definitely pays to book early if you are wanting to hire a motorhome or RV in Toronto, especially if you are choosy on locations as Toronto is a hub for a lot of local RV renters as well as international visitors.

What are the top tips for your RV rental Toronto adventure?

  • When planning your motorhome rental Toronto itinerary, give yourself plenty of time to see everything at a leisurely pace. Don’t rush and miss things along the way!

  • A deposit is often required when you first pick up your Toronto RV rental. This is almost always required to be a credit card (often debit cards are not accepted).

  • Planning to cruise Canada with kids? Make sure you have child seats and/or booster seats included in your camper rental!

  • If you are crossing the border in your Toronto RV rentals, you need your passport and a visa or visa waiver for the United States. You can visit the Canadian side of Niagara falls obviously but there are some great vantage points and attractions on the US side and so a visa may be required.

RV Rentals Toronto - What are the top RV for rent Toronto brands?

Compare rent RV Toronto rates from these credible suppliers and get the best deal for your motorhome trip.


Rent an RV from Outdoor Travel and Star Drive

Outdoor Travel stock a range of vehicles in all classes, as well as having premium brand new vehicles or cheaper slightly older vehicles. These RV rentals are often sold to the domestic buyers market after a few years on the fleet, so they contain a lot of features not usually associated with a rental vehicle. They also cater well to families and some configurations even contain bunks and can sleep up to 8 people.


The rental depot is located South of Toronto in the town of Hamilton - 110 Eastport Blvd, Hamilton, Ontario. It is around 65km from Toronto's Pearson International Airport which will take a little over 45 minutes, so please plan your itinerary and pick up with this in mind. The good news about the location though is that it is only another 80km (about 1 hour) to Niagara Falls and therefore Outdoor Travel is the closest Toronto RV rental supplier to the Falls.


All Outdoor Travel rates include 100km per day free which is great for those who are looking to travel large distances on their RV rentals in Ontario. Star Drive offers the same vehicles however no mileage is included in the rental rates. It can be pre-purchased in advance if you have some fixed travel plans in mind. Obviously the rates are therefore cheaper with Star Drive and it offers a great option for travelers who are staying in one location for extended periods or who don't intend to cover great distances on their road trip.


Get a camper for rent in Toronto with Fraserway RV and Compass Campers

Fraserway RV offers an unsurpassed range of near-new vehicles from their Toronto location in Cookstown, 70km North of the airport. The supplier offers free transfers to and from Toronto International airport hotels however these need to be pre-arranged in advance. The branch location is 5362 County Road North, RR 1, Cookstown, Ontario. If you are heading from the city on Highway 400 North, take exit 75 towards Cookstown and then left onto Highway 89 West. Turn right onto King St North/Highway 27. There is a gas station at the set of lights, so you can refuel your RV there before returning the campervan hire to the depot.


Secure a cheap RV rental in Toronto from Canadream

Canadream is the closest RV rental location to Toronto city. The branch is only 12.5 km from the airport and 17 km from Toronto city at 576 Evans Avenue, Toronto, ON. Complimentary transfers are included to and from the Toronto International Airport area hotels, or you can take a taxi from the city. Canadream offers high-quality recent model motorhomes in a variety of layouts and styles. A popular option is the ROF (short for Run of Fleet), this means that the supplier makes no assurances of the type of vehicle you will get from their campervan fleet until you arrive.


Obviously, if there are certain features you require (like toilet or bathroom amenities) this may not be the option for you, however, if you don't mind what vehicle or you like surprises, you can definitely save money with this RV rental Toronto option.


Obtain camper rentals from Motorhome Travel, Pure Motorhomes and Big Sky RV

Motorhome Travel operates out of Bolton, Ontario and is the closest RV rental company to Toronto's Pearson International Airport. The depot is 27 km north of the airport and free transfers are included in the rental rates. Overseas customers must spend the first night at a hotel and are not permitted to rent RV on the same day as their international arrival. This is for safety reasons and offers protection for you, your family and the motorhome too of course.


The fleet of vehicles is jointly owned by the supplier as well as individuals, this means that the general quality of vehicles on offer is very high and they often contain many extra features that are not standard with an RV. You get 100 km free per day with Motorhome Travel, whilst Pure Motorhomes Canada rates are cheaper but include no free kilometers in the rental rates. Lastly, Big Sky RV offers older vehicles for those looking at saving money on their RV rentals Toronto and don't mind not having the latest model. The depot is at 14124 Highway 50, Bolton, ON.


Grab motorhome rentals from Owasco RV

If you are looking to rent a premium motorhome in Toronto, then Owasco may well be your option. They offer some great new or near new vehicles from their branch at 2000 Champlain Avenue, Whitby, Ontario. This location is around 60km East of the city and around the same distance from the International airport. You can add a transfer to your rental for a fee from certain airport area hotels. A particular favourite of ours with our customers is the Van conversions - they're smaller vehicles so are easier to drive for those first time to RV renters.

Helpful articles for your RV rental Toronto road trip

Renting a motorhome or RV in Toronto opens up endless possibilities to get out and explore this great part of the world. Whether you are keen to soak up summer by Lake Ontario, head further afield to explore the rest of the Great Lakes or maybe even head East towards Montreal, your RV rental from Toronto is the key. This section contains articles linked to Toronto but we are always on the hunt for more great travel suggestions. Feel free to leave a comment and we will get in touch with you.


Enjoy summer and hit Georgian Bay in your Toronto RV rental

Explore Georgian Bay in an RV Rental


The Georgian Bay Coastal Route is nothing short of inspirational. Taking this journey in a motorhome rental Toronto allows you to stop where you please and adapt the itinerary as you go. Ontario is blessed with many natural wonders, but they all seem to converge around Georgian Bay with clifftops, beaches, waterfalls, hiking trails, and national parks spread across 30,000 islands and a shoreline stretching 2000km. For the freshest air and an outdoors adventure like no other, a Georgian Bay road trip in an RV rental will change your life.


Massive road-trip savings thanks to falling fuel prices

Gas prices


The price of petrol is a small detail which has a big effect on the cost of living, cost of travel... the cost of pretty much everything. Gas prices are lower than they have been in a while, so it’s the perfect opportunity to hit the road in a motorhome rental. If you’ve been delaying that once-in-a-lifetime road trip you’ve always dreamed of, get packing. With cheap petrol worldwide, you can have your pick of routes and destinations. Motorhome Republic can help you find the perfect set of wheels and accommodation rolled into one... Click to read the full article

Useful FAQs for RV Rentals in Toronto


How much does it cost to rent an RV in Toronto?

You’ll find that RV rental Toronto prices will vary based on vehicle availability, time of year and exact hire location. All rental rates are clearly stated and any optional extras are listed. You can clearly see what charges and costs can be prepaid or will be paid locally on collection of your motorhome hire. To discover the perfect RV for your particular trip, search and compare models from a range of different suppliers at MotorhomeRepublic.com.


How much does it cost to rent an RV for a week?

Exact prices for RV rentals will change depending on seasonality, location, amenities, and vehicle availability. To get a better idea of what you’d pay for the particular vehicle you require for your next road trip, visit Motorhome Republic where you can compare and book from a massive selection of vehicles.


How old do you have to be to rent an RV in Toronto?

You should be at least 25 years old to rent an RV in Toronto. Some companies may allow drivers as young as 21 years old. To be sure, always confirm this with your chosen Toronto motorhome rental supplier. And remember to bring your driver's license and other identification all the time.


Is renting your RV worth it?

Some people do profit from renting out their RV - there are a number of different services which facilitate this. However, whether or not it’s worth it to do so will hinge on a range of factors which are unique to each RV owner.


Is it cheaper to rent an RV or stay in a hotel?

It will almost always be cheaper to rent an RV. It’s worth keeping in mind that you’ll likely need to pay for a spot at a campground or RV park in addition to your rental, but it still often works out cheaper than staying in a hotel.


Is it legal to sleep in an RV while driving?

Canada requires all RV passengers to be wearing seat belts while the vehicle is moving, so sleeping in an RV bed while on the road is not legal.


Are there RV rentals with unlimited mileage?

Yes, RV hire suppliers can choose to offer unlimited mileage. On each listing, you will be able to view if this option is available. If not, you'll be able to check the additional rates for extra miles before booking a camper rental.


Are RV rentals pet-friendly?

While a lot of RV Toronto rental companies allow pets, you still have to double-check the listing. Be sure to see if there is an extra fee for pets before booking your campervan rentals.


What if I am late in returning the vehicle in Toronto?

You may be charged for a late drop-off fee if the Toronto motorhome hire is not returned on or before the drop-off time stated in your agreement. Please advise your rental company if there would be delays in returning your RVs.


With Motorhome Republic, you can expect to experience the same quality service when you book an RV hire anywhere in Canada, even in other popular destination countries like New Zealand, Australia, and the United States of America. Securely book your rental RVs today!