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Dallas – buckle up your RV

They say everything is bigger in Texas, so grab an RV with room to breathe and hit the south for a big adventure. Dallas is one of the largest cities in America and is located north of the Lone Star state. ‘The Big D’ is home to the Cowboys, cheerleaders, oversized pick-ups, the all-American TV show, a good southern drawl and plenty of cowboy hats. It’s even where frozen margarita machines were first made. Thank you, Dallas.

It’s not all pop culture and egos, however – Dallas is surrounded with state parks and lakes, making for a beautiful vacation away from the coast.

In case you would like to go further on your USA RV rental tour, you could drive to Houston, Albuquerque or Atlanta. You can also visit New York with an RV rental or begin a motorhome adventure in Philadephia to see more of the east coast states. Or choose from the best Denver RV rentals and explore starting with the state of Colorado. Alternatively, you can also get a motorhome rental in Orlando if you wish to check out Disney World or secure RV rentals in Reno NV. Your choice is limitless!


Camping essentials for Dallas

If you’ve got kids in the camper, you can’t go past Dinosaur Valley State Park. Walk where the dinosaurs did over 110 million years ago. Discover fossils and explore dinosaur tracks. It’s only $25 per night to park up. Or head to the Rusk Depot Campground. From here you can board a steam ride on a vintage train. It follows the original Texas railway and snakes through dense pine forests.

Cedar Hill State Park is a beautiful place to wake up. Next to Joe Pool lake, and surrounded with natural beauty, you can try a little mountain biking, fishing, hiking and bird-watching. Or head out to the border of Texas and Oklahoma to Eisenhower State park – another beauty and named after Dwight D. Eisenhower, an American President, who was born nearby.

So much to pack in

As one of the largest cities in America, there’s a lot to do in Dallas. Thankfully, most places have huge parking lots so you can take the camper with you, or even enjoy some of the attractions from the comfort of your RV.

Deep Ellum is where the locals head to get a fix of arts and entertainment. There are more bars and nightclubs here than any other district in the city. In the early days, Deep Ellum was Deep Elm St, but the strange pronuciation took over and it stuck. The district is also walled in graffiti. Most gigs are annouced with new tags and art sprayed onto public walls.

The Dallas Zoo started in 1888, and now has more than 2000 animals. It’s the largest in Texas and is great for kids and adults alike.

For $1.2 billion dollars, 3 million square feet of football mayhem was built in Arlington to house the Dallas Cowboys and America’s sweethearts. Take a tour of the AT&T Stadium field or, if you’re really lucky, catch a game.

The best way to see the whole city is from above, so head to Geo-Deck at Reunion Tower – the giant ball at the west end of downtown. Around 470 feet from the ground you can see Trinity River, Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and the layout of Dealey Plaza.

Feeling presidential? Get a photo in a replica of the Oval Office. The George Bush Presidential Center is an inside look into the eight years George W was in power. It has a section dedicated entirely to 9/11, but also has some humourous personal insights. If you’re looking for more history, Old Red Museum of Dallas is a must. It’s a fascinating look into the old ways of the city and there’s also a section on the assassination of JFK.

Throw all caution and credit cards to the wind and join the throngs at the malls. Northpark Center is one of the classiest. Sure, it has its Tiffany’s and Burberry, but the hallways are more impressive with artworks by Andy Warhol, Frank Stella and many others. West End MarketPlace is a hot-spot for tourists.

There are 17 lakes around Dallas, so it would be rude not to say howdy! Lake Texoma is one of the more popular ones. Or take a drive to Southfork Ranch – made famous by the TV series Dallas.

If you have more time, be sure to look at motorhome rentals from Los Angeles (CA) or Denver (CO), and explore more of the US.

Don’t be afraid to eat big

Dallas has more restaurants per capita than New York City, so whatever you’re craving, you’ll find it. Here are are few of the better options:

  • Bread Winners is a solid breakfast option with foodies frequenting it daily. The brunch menu is delicious, but the lunch and dinner menus are well worth a look, too.

  • Asian Mint has fresh, tasty cuisine and an ultra-modern atmosphere. The specialty cocktails are scrumptious, but the standout is the dessert bar. Try the Green Tea Ice Cream Cake.

  • Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek offers some of the best French-Continental cuisine you'll ever taste.

  • For old fashioned pub food – not the Americanised kind – head to Meddlesome Moth. There’s bone marrow and pork belly and one of the best burgers in Dallas.

  • Arcodoro Pomodoro is a romantic, cosy restaurant with food to die for. A little on the pricey side, but dress up and enjoy the tiramisu.

For dirt cheap yet authentic Mexican street tacos, head to Fuel City.

And, if you need a stroll before your morning meal, the largest farmers market in the US is right in the middle of Dallas.

Have a nice day…

Texans are a friendly bunch, with a friendly drawl and love of cowboy hats. They take a long time to tell you a story - not because they’re slow, but because they pepper their conversation with Southern expressions. Here’s a few:

  • This ain’t my first rodeo

  • Like lipstick on a pig

  • Come hell or high water

  • That dog won’t hunt

  • Madder than a wet hen

  • Bless your heart

Driving in Dallas

Dallas is a major city, so try to avoid rush hour. This is between 7:30am-9am and 4pm-6pm Monday to Friday. Accidents are common, so be on your toes. There are loads of places you can fill up the RV, and the streets are wide and forgiving, however the traffic can be pushy. Keep to the middle lanes when possible – so you’re not forced to use the exit on either outside lane. Tollways can be expensive, so use your GPS and try to avoid these too. Or speak to your RV expert before you start your journey.

Good old southern conditions

Dallas is warm all year and rarely ever snows. The best times for camping are early spring and late fall. Summers can get extremely hot, so being cooped up in an RV can be stifling.

Which motorhome do I choose?

There is a trio of RV rental options for you to choose from at Motorhome Republic. Sunshine RV is located along S Central Expressway, around 30 miles from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. They offer a range of RVs and motorhomes and are great value for money. Located at 29 West 800 South, 30 minutes up the Sam Rayburn Tollway from the airport, El Monte RV are experts on the local area and very experienced in the RV hire industry. Compass Campers are an international supplier and is another cost-effective option. 


RV Rental Rundown:

  • Book early! With so many events year round in Dallas, vehicles tend to disappear during peak seasons.

  • Go big in Dallas. The roads are wide, there’s plenty of space. If there’s one city to make sure you get a big enough vehicle, it’s here. Plus, you won’t get sick of your travelling companions.

  • Remember where you park. The DFW Airport has the largest parking lot in the world. Take a photo of the closest sign, just in case.

  • Consider getting a motorhome rental in Las Vegas, a popular starting or finishing point for roadtripping adventures.